Would you like personalised transformative sessions with one of your Happy School teachers Lian and Jonathan, giving you the time to focus specifically on you and your needs?

This is the space for you to speak about your deepest, darkest fears, share your insights, and get answers to your questions. You’ll be in safe hands throughout.

“Admittedly, I was sceptical at first, I thought I was beyond repair and would feel this way forever. The first couple of sessions were hard for me, I cried a lot and struggled explaining things. I was just grateful that there was someone willing to listen and help me… …How I feel now is completely different. I no longer see the worst in every situation. Current circumstances are difficult but I feel much more able to cope. Everything is calmer now and more relaxed. Problems I face don’t make me feel like it’s the end of the world. It’s a bit strange, I feel like it’s the new version of me, or rather the version of me before all the ‘crap’ started.” Phoebe C.

We can connect by phone or using Skype. One session is often enough to make a significant shift in your life. Please pay for your session and we’ll contact you to arrange the time and date for your session.

Happy School grads and current students
You can book one-to-one sessions at the special discounted rate of $147 an hour (usual rate is $297), this option is for Happy Schoolers only.