Hey! I’m Lian Brook-Tyler, a coach, co-founder and editor of Born Happy, and if you’ve ever asked yourself:

“How can I be happy?”


You’re SO in the right place… the Born Happy gang of  experts, best-selling authors, teachers and coaches know everything there is to know about how to find happiness – but also clarity, calm and creativity (because they all come from the same place).

And you know what? This isn’t just a regurgitation of the same old, same old bull-sh*t that’s on every other positive psychology website out there – this is a positive thinking, ritual, affirmation and technique-free zone. This is the antidote to self-improvement.

What we’re talking about here is something revolutionary but more importantly: it’s far simpler and it actually works.

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Here’s how Born Happy can show you the secret of inborn happiness

This website will explain exactly why happiness LOOKS as though it’s in remembering to say your affirmations, a hot body, that family bag of Doritos or a fat pay check… even though it’s not.

And it will also explain the where happiness actually lies and how you can get there. This could change your life:

  • You could give up all those rituals, techniques and devouring every article that mentions how to be happy in the title
  • You can stop chasing goals to obtain that next shiny new thing
  • You could give all those self-help books to charity (or do someone else a favour and just bin them)

…because once you understand this secret you can feel happy, exactly as you are.
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About me

I live with my husband, two children and two cats in a cottage surrounded by mouse-infested fields in Hertfordshire in the UK. When I’m not editing Born Happy, hosting our podcast or teaching at Happy School… I’m creating new cake recipes (vegan, sometimes sugar-free and wheat-free and always yummy) and feeding the results to a never-ending river of visitors, or engaged in an ongoing farce of chasing our cats who are chasing the mice. (I wash my hands a lot.)

And I’m one of the happiest people on earth. Before you start hatin’ on me for also being the most smug person on earth, let me tell you that I didn’t always feel this way but since I found the secret to happiness, everything I do has been guided by sharing that one big ass truth with the world.


Starting somewhere near the beginning… I had a somewhat bohemian upbringing, raised by a single father following the hippy trail through Ibiza and Morocco. My father was super-cool and it was a blissful childhood but I  found the whole teenage clique-y uniformity thing hard and I began half a lifetime’s quest to be ‘good enough’ so I could fit in. That’s pretty much the case for a lot of us, right?

I also had agonising facial pain for fifteen years – it was triggered by being beaten up and sexually assaulted, and before long, I was also suffering from massive panic attacks and anxiety. I tried traditional medicine and then most types of self-help and woo that you can think of. Nothing helped.

And then my beloved father was killed in an accident. The world, as I knew it, fell apart.  Over the next year, I went on a journey to find the point of life and to my compete mind-blowness, I saw more beauty and meaning than I’d seen in the rest of my years put together.

Almost twelve months to the day that I lost my father, I decided that I’d leave my nice, safe corporate job and find a way to help people discover the meaning to life that I’d been lucky enough to find. But more was still to come… I was looking for the best methodology to help me to help others and I stumbled across the universe-rocking fact that there are three principles that create and maintain inborn happiness for every one of us. It was the secret I’d spent most of my life searching for – the secret to happiness, and maaaaan, I’d had it all along. I was born with happiness and only my OWN THOUGHTS were creating an illusion that it had gone anywhere.

From that day, anxiety, fears, limitations and even the ‘not good enough’s dropped away effortlessly… not believing those thoughts was easy as soon as I saw they were all just thought. It was as easy as deciding to make a cup of tea (probably not the best comparison given my usual dilemmas about Oolong, Three Ginger or English Breakfast).

Two weeks after that, I was driving my children to school and had the feeling that I’d forgotten something. I looked around the car: children: check; lunch box: check; my bag: check. And then it hit me…. THE PAIN HAD GONE! Zero pain for the first time in 15 years. Simply understanding the principles behind my inborn happiness worked miracles where nothing else could.

Since then, life has been one big holiday of happiness. Yes, there’s been all the usual ups and downs that life entails – lots of creativity, cake and cocktails and also more death, broken bones and broken relationships, but knowing what I know, there’s a feeling of incredible happiness that underlies everything.

I couldn’t keep this to myself – something this awesomely profound and life-changing has to be shared… and so I teamed up with Jonathan  and Born Happy was born.

The rest of the Born Happy Gang

Jonathan-wilkinsonJonathan Wilkinson is the co-founder of Born Happy, and he’s a coach, teacher and lover of wisdom. He started his journey following debilitating health conditions that at the time modern medicine had no diagnosis or cure for and as a result Jonathan’s spent over two decades uncovering human potential and the wisdom behind life.

Jonathan helps people rediscover their innate wellbeing and thrive in all areas of life. His philosophy is based on the simple truth that all ‘dis-ease,’ be it mental or physical, has disconnection at its root cause and that simply awakening people to the wisdom behind life and reconnecting to its source, will allow them to live life to their full potential.

And there’s not just the two of us, there’s a whole gang of wise dudes who will help you to rediscover your inborn happiness. You’ll see evidence of some of these guys around the place due to all the articles and images that they’ve created, whereas some of them are busy behind the scenes making Born Happy what it is:

  • Piers Thurston, an über-experienced coach, having worked with clients as diverse as national newspaper editors, Sheiks in Riyadh, and international sports people.
  • Jill Whalen, formerly a leading figure in the SEO world, she now combines her kick-ass writing talents with her understanding of inborn happiness
  • Shereen Qutob-Cabral, the talented mind and penship behind all of the Born Happy cartoons
  • And then there’s all the amazing guest articles and interviews with people like Michael Neill, Jamie Smart and Timber of Buddhist Bootcamp – all giants in their field.

We come from a vast array of backgrounds and have experienced many of the pains and pleasures of life – the only commonality is that whatever words we use to describe it, we’re all coming from the same place, that of understanding the principles that behind our inborn happiness.

With this incredible line-up, you’re bound to find someone you can relate to and that connection is what can cause you sit up and think “I FELT something there.” or even a big BOOM shift of “Wow! That changes everything!”

And then you can stop the search for happiness because you’ll know exactly where it is now and where it’s always been.

Our promise

We promise you that this is a website like no other.

  • We’ll never tell you that you need to learn and practise ANY technique in order to be happy – why would we when you already have it inside you?
  • There will never be hard sell. You don’t NEED anything to be happy, not even the stuff on this website – free goodies or otherwise.
  • We’ll never act like you’re broken up and lying in a pit of despair and we’re doing you a charity by helping you out. We’ll always speak to you like you are awesome and perfect – because you ARE.
  • This is a relationship and Born Happy is yours as much as ours. Let us know what’s going on for you – we’ll ALWAYS listen.

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Lian & Jonathan