The super power of loving kindness… Katie Abbott

Katie Abbott is a therapist and coach, she’s been running the Lewis Clinic in Harley Streesubscribe-with-itunes-buttont for the last 8 years, runs retreats abroad and events in London. She’s written for The Guardian, Observer, and Psychologies Magazine.

Katie is passionate about giving people the experience of being welcomed, accepted and loved. She enjoys exploring the space beyond words. In this episode we’re talking about the super power of loving kindness.

What you’ll learn in this show:

  • We are born with our hearts wide open and therefore we’re able to connect beautifully to others. As we grow we’re surrounded by people who are telling us, one way or another, that we need to close up to be safe. As we remember our true nature, we begin to open again and realise that this is actually much safer way to be (that’s if we consider that having a full, rich, creative and loving experience of life is something worth having!)
  • We’re all the same and we all have the same need for connection. It’s easy to get caught up in the differences between us but they’re just superficial. There’s a place or an essence of us all that goes way beyond the psychological and physical, and that’s something that connects us all.
  • We’re often taught conditional love and therefore don’t believe that we’re worth being loved unconditionally but we all have the same loveability! We all have the potential to be touched by love and to live from love.

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