The truth about erectile dysfunction and depression… with Amir Karkouti

This week I’m speaking to the amazing Amir Karkouti! Amir suggested today that we talk about: F*CK THEORY: How The Principles helped my Marriage, Erectile Dysfunction and Patients Who Were On the Verge Of Suicide!subscribe-with-itunes-button

Amir is a Transformative Coach and the owner of a chain of restaurants in San Diego. Along with being a coach and a business owner, Amir also volunteers for people who are struggling with Post Finasteride Syndrome (PFS).

So in this episode Amir shares his story about how he took a prescription drug (Finasteride*) for prostrate cancer prevention and which completely messed up his complete endocrine system, resulting in all kinds of physical issues including erectile dysfunction.  According to doctors, Amir was supposed to be a depressed suicidal… they couldn’t figure out how he could possibly be happy in spite of what the drug had done to his body. He shares that ‘how’ with us.

Oh and the story has a really happy ending too… you’ll have to listen to the show to find out. :)

What you’ll learn in this show:

  • Something is only a problem when we think it’s a problem. Circumstances are neutral but will look like a problem when our thinking is making it a problem.
  • When we understand that circumstances don’t create happiness or unhappiness we become open to the fact that gifts are available in any circumstance, even the hardest, strangest ones!
  • As we understand that we only ever experiencing a thought created reality, that understanding in itself creates different thinking and a different experience – Amir gave some really powerful examples of this fact.

If you have any questions for Amir then please leave a comment below or reach out to him via one of the links below.

* Finasteride is prescribed for the treatment of hair loss under the brand name Propecia (and generics) and for the treatment of enlarged prostate under the brand name Proscar (and generics).

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Written by | Lian Brook-Tyler

Lian is a co-founder and the editor of Born Happy and a teacher at the revolutionary happiness course Happy School and the host of the weekly top 10 iTunes rated happiness podcast The Born Happy Show. Her mission is to share the principles behind our inborn happiness with the world – believing that this is our best chance of achieving a happier world! Lian lives with her husband, their two children, and a double helping of ginger goodness: their cat Beatle and their dog Lazslo. Her passions are baking, writing, hosting parties, making and drinking cocktails, and watching wonderful people wake up to a life without limits.

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  1. Ute

    June 21, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    Thank you, both, for this amazing podcast! Looking forward to another show with Amir.

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