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Our revolutionary happiness course: Happy School!

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Guides to getting started


Our podcast The Born Happy Show airs a fresh episode every Thursday. There’s interviews with top happiness and three principles experts and you can be a fly on the wall to coaching sessions!

Events & groups

Local groups:
One day we hope there will be a group in every area but right now, they’re dotted about a bit patchily. We will start creating a page for groups and contacts soon but for now, please contact us if you want to be put in touch with someone in your area and we’ll see what we can do.

Other events:

  • The Three Principles Global Community has this events page.
  • The Three Principles Movies site has calenderised events.

Let me know if you’re planning to go to one, it would be lovely to meet you!

Personal journeys

Read other people’s journeys of waking up to their inborn happiness. Each of them have generously shared their very personal story in the hope it’ll help and inspire others to take the first step:

  • 99 problems
    From “I thought I was beyond repair and would feel this way forever.”
    To “…the chance to turn my life around and go back to the real me.”
  • A spiritual awakening in one conversation!
    From “I had suffered from anxiety and mild depression and I was desperate to fix myself.”
    To “…I feel happy and elated most of the time.”
  • Time to bloom:
    From ” I fell, just like Alice, into a long dark tunnel with no end.”
     To “I would have carried on bumbling my way to D Day.  Now I’m going to have to be dragged there.”


Check out books I heartbooks – listed on that page are the most life-changing ones I know. These are the books that I give or recommend to friends and clients.

I’ve written a bit about why I love each one of them and added a link so you can get them straight from Amazon. I wonder if one of them will be a life-changer for you!



3 Principles Supermind
What is it all about? Brett Chitty, a co-founder (and a truly wonderful chap!) says: “3 Principles Supermind is an answer-based platform designed to take on the challenge of actually building real liberty in our lives for the future rather than waiting for others to change the world. My highest hope is that we can all benefit from crowd-source brilliance, people with skin in the game, with the goal of actually achieving real results in our lifetimes.”


  • Three Principles Movies is a brilliant resource. It has links to research, resources, books, TV shows, and a number of different experts talking about the principles.
  • This is an amazing series of Google Hangouts with our very own Steve Light and psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches and a psychiatrist talking about life beyond social anxiety.