Why ‘loving what is’ comes first… with Jason Goldberg

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What you missed last week:

I was speaking to international Speaker, trainer, coach AND former rapper (he opened for the Wu-Tang Clan!Jason Goldberg. Jason is all about Art of (Self) Leadership… how to take ownership of your spirit, your energy and your life to take action, become more prosperous and have a bigger impact in the world!

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And on this week’s show…

I’m speaking to Jason for our follow-up session how the heck self-leadership fits with the advice to ‘love what is, surrender, let go and accept what is’. This is SUCH a powerful episode for anyone struggling to see how they can possibly accept a difficult situation in their life, it explains why ‘loving what is’ is the foundation for self-leadership.

What you’ll learn from the show:

  • We can think that acceptance and loving what is, is succumbing, giving up, and saying “It’s got nothing to do with me, I’m opting out!” but it’s the opposite… Loving what is gives you the equanimity and the launch-pad to be a self-leader and choose to create the life you want.

  • So how the freaking hell do we love what is? As we become aware of the energy that it takes to struggle and resist something and recognise the freedom and empowerment that come from accepting it, loving what is becomes an easier and more natural choice.

  • Truly understanding something is the only way we can be in a position of making choice. When we understand the basic truths of something rather than giving it meaning. However we’re human and that means we’ll always bring our own filters and perspectives to situations. It’s unlikely we can fully see things without personal attachment, but even being aware of that element of human nature can allow us to see more clearly.

  • Be gentle with yourself! Have fun, take things lightly, play with this stuff. :)

I’d love to know what came up for you as you listened to this show. Let’s carry on the conversation…  leave a comment below or connect to Jason via one of the links below.

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Written by | Lian Brook-Tyler

Lian is a co-founder and the editor of Born Happy and a teacher at the revolutionary happiness course Happy School and the host of the weekly top 10 iTunes rated happiness podcast The Born Happy Show. Her mission is to share the principles behind our inborn happiness with the world – believing that this is our best chance of achieving a happier world! Lian lives with her husband, their two children, and a double helping of ginger goodness: their cat Beatle and their dog Lazslo. Her passions are baking, writing, hosting parties, making and drinking cocktails, and watching wonderful people wake up to a life without limits.