The surprising link between state of mind and success… with Robin Charbit

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What you missed last week:

I was speaking to international Speaker, trainer, coach AND former rapper (he opened for the Wu-Tang Clan!Jason Goldberg. This is our follow-up session on how the heck self-leadership fits with the advice to ‘love what is, surrender, let go and accept what is’. This is SUCH a powerful episode for anyone struggling to see how they can possibly accept a difficult situation in their life, it explains why ‘loving what is’ is the foundation for self-leadership.

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And on this week’s show…

I’m speaking to international business consultant, Robin Charbit. Robin began his career as a chemical engineer with Exxon in 1981, and eventually led one of Exxon’s international plastics businesses. He joined Arthur D. Little in 1992 first in Europe and ultimately, in Boston, where he led and managed the North American Chemicals Practice.

With a colleague, he left the more classical consulting world and founded Insight Management Partners, to bring an understanding of how the mind works into business. He then met Ken Manning and they joined forces to create Insight Principles.

We’re talking about the link between psychological wellbeing and business success.

In the sports world, professionals understand the massive link between psychological state and performance however in business, usually we just want to get the job done and in less time, we’re not interested in psychological wellbeing.

Robin explains how understanding the mind works is exactly what helps us to get more done in less time.

What you’ll learn from the show:

  • Our natural state is that state of effortless flow and creativity – it’s NOT something we have to create. We pull ourselves out of a flow state primarily through misunderstanding – attributing the outside world to causing our feelings, instead of what’s going on in our own mind.

  • Ideas are gold in business… and they become so much more common when we’re in a state of balance.

  • The moment that we remember that we’re the thinker – that it’s thought creating our feelings – the mind is then more likely to serve up a useful idea that will help us out. The more that we see that’s the design of the system, we can be open to letting it all work beautifully.

I’d love to know what came up for you as you listened to this show. Let’s carry on the conversation…  leave a comment below or connect to Robin via the link below.

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Written by | Lian Brook-Tyler

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